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Soave Gear is a soccer (“football”) apparel manufacturing company that began manufacturing and distributing soccer gear and apparel back in 1999 as part of its initial soccer camp relationship with Disney’s Wide World of Sports.  That co-branded scenario later evolved into a brand. 

Soave Gear features the production of soccer gear and soccer uniforms at the very highest level by using the very latest in advanced materials, designs and textiles.  At the same time, its progressive manufacturing and cutting-edge textiles are fundamental to its success.  Additionally, top-quality Italian design is a primary feature of Soave Gear, along with the latest in textile manufacturing equipment.


Soave Gear presently manufactures in the U.S., Mexico and Pakistan, while maintaining some of its design and textile sourcing in Italy and other parts of the Far East.  The main distribution facilities are in Houston, Texas and Olathe, Kansas.


With new technologies, designs and methods of distribution (i.e., the Internet), international sports gear – particularly in soccer, is being displaced by brands that make high-quality uniforms and related sportswear at a reduced cost.  The founder of Soave Gear, Antonio Soave, has vast experience in the soccer industry and he was the owner/operator of the World Youth Soccer Academy (WYSA), a joint venture and international licensing partner of the Walt Disney World Resorts and Disney’s Wide World of Sports from 1999 to 2003.  At that time, Soave and his team manufactured co-branded soccer apparel with Disney’s Wide World of Sports.

Logo, Copyrights, Trademarks and Other IP

Soave Gear is fully copyrighted in the United States and all other member states that are signatories to the international copyright agreements and accords with the U.S.  Soave is working on the unveiling of international logos, as well as its current trademarks.  It is also in the process of full trademark protection.  The unveiling will come when the official product is launched.  The launch will be coordinated with a major roll-out event in the KSA, Europe, Asia and the Americas simultaneously.

Soave Gear International Soccer Wear (“SOAVE GEAR”) is a corporate entity with offices and/or representatives in Olathe, Kansas; Houston, Texas; Verona, Italy; Abu Dhabi (UAE); and Rawalpindi, Pakistan.  The company has a small collection of soccer assets is comprised of the following key elements:
  1. Soccer gear manufacturing;

  2. Youth soccer camps for domestic and international participants;

  3. A soccer television show for kids and tweens that is used to promote the gear; and

  4. Online web experience with training videos, store and social networking
Soave Gear bases much of its model on three (3) primary components:
  1. Advanced materials and textiles;
  2. State-of-the-Art manufacturing; and
  3. Colorful fabrics that augment the soccer experience.

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